Terms of Service

Please note that by using the website you already agree to all following terms.

1. General Terms

1.1 The following terms apply to any users of High5Jobs, proprietary and responsible for this Website, hereinafter simply called "High5Jobs".

1.2 Acceptance of these terms and conditions is necessary and indispensable requirement for High5Jobs use.

2. Service Description

2.1. High5Jobs offer all users, free of charge, as set forth below in clause 3.1, a research information system aimed to help users find job opportunities.

High5Jobs provides and aggregate informative jobs opportunities listings with job positions and/or descriptions, companies names, jobs locations and posting dates. All data is obtained from official affiliate partners or directly posted by companies. If users intention is to apply for a job, High5Jobs directly lead users to the official company Website or the responsible site for the job opportunity offer.

2.2. High5Jobs recommends that all users compare all information obtained in this Website directly with the official company responsible for the offer, and use all caution and common sense before making any contact or transaction. If there is a content difference or any other information between the High5Jobs and the official company or affiliate partner, the valid condition is from official company or the affiliate partner.

2.3 Users are solely responsible for any and all information provided by him directly on the Website, and warrant that:

  • (i) any review/rate made on a particular Company is result from a real previous experience, which in fact occurred;
  • (Ii) doesn’t input content on High5Jobs in order to harm and/or favor any company, station or other business, in order to obtain, directly or indirectly, any advantage.

2.4 High5Jobs ensures that doesn’t own or work for the reviewed/rated company and doesn’t input content on High5Jobs in order to harm and/or favor any company or other business, in order to obtain, directly or indirectly, any advantage.

3. General Usage Related Provisions

3.1. High5Jobs is free and may, at any time, charge a special fee and/or require registration data for using all or part of Website. In this scenario High5Jobs will notify all users about the price amount, payment method and how this fee applies to Website usage.

3.2. Considering High5Jobs only provides related information from users research and indicates third-party Websites, High5Jobs has no involvement or responsibility for drafting contents. High5Jobs isn’t responsible and will not be for third-party contents of those Websites, including job positions and/or descriptions, companies names, jobs locations and posting dates. High5Jobs only present such informative content, and does not guarantee the legality, accuracy, authenticity, availability or upgrade, getting free from any liability due to any claims, investigations, inquiries, actions or claims, judicial or otherwise, regarding the service now mentioned, which have as a claim, among other factors:

  • (a) infringement of rights of any kind to third parties, including, but not limited to intellectual property rights;
  • (b) breach of any applicable law or court order or other authority; or
  • (c) the occurrence of any damage, material or moral to Users or third parties.

3.3. High5Jobs only refers to transportation companies or third-party products, services, information, trade name, trademark or any other form of reference, and does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship, property or recommendation. All references in High5Jobs are just for identification purposes.

3.4. High5Jobs only provides informative content related to job oppenings, including job positions and/or descriptions, companies names, jobs locations and posting dates, and doesn’t guarantee the legality, accuracy, authenticity, availability or change, getting free from any liability, any investigations, inquiries, actions or complaints, lawsuit or not, regarding provided content. High5Jobs isn’t and will not be responsible for:

  • (i) all information contained on Website and information at the third-party Websites,
  • (ii) use or trust placed by users in the content, offers or services of these third-party Websites;
  • (iii) all negotiation or participation in third-party Websites, including payment transactions at these Websites, regardless if transactions has been made or not, by leaded to such third-party Websites or directly on High5Jobs;
  • (Iv) Third-party Websites safety;
  • (v) availability of services researched at High5Jobs;
  • (Vi) privacy issues at third-party Websites;
  • (Vii) payment of copyright for images sent by users to High5Jobs;
  • (Viii) payment to use of image royalty rights to people who eventually appear in photographs that users sent to High5Jobs;
  • (ix) photos that users send directly and free to High5Jobs causing any damage to a particular citizen or any other type of business or establishment.

3.5. If user choose to register any information at High5Jobs, it should provide exclusively real data, accurate and update them whenever necessary, taking responsibility for their accuracy.

3.6. Any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with user participation in building the content provided by High5Jobs will only link the user and High5Jobs.

4. Eligibility

4.1. If the user is under 18 or less than the applicable legal age in your jurisdiction, you may use High5Jobs only accompanied and supervised by a responsible who has agreed to the terms and conditions of this terms of use. The user, by using High5Jobs, represent and confirm that have the right, authority, and the ability to respect and comply with all terms and conditions set forth herein.

5. User Rights

5.1. Except in cases that are otherwise directed, the user who send or distribute content to High5Jobs must:

  • (a) grant to High5Jobs and their respective affiliates on an unrestricted basis, free of royalty rights payments or any other use rate, perpetual, transferable and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, create derivative works, publicly display such content and run it throughout the world in any media, now known or conceived;
  • (b) grant to High5Jobs and its affiliates the right to use the name submitted, related to any content;
  • (c) represent and warrant that (i) have all rights related to the posted or distributed content; (Ii) have a legitimate right to publish and distribute content posted by him on the Website; (Iii) the content sent by user to High5Jobs is correct and reflects a real situation; and (iv) the usage, deployment or any other kind of transmission of such content does not violate this agreement and not infringe any legal right, either cause injury to any person or entity. The user grants High5Jobs the right to use all proper legal actions to protect rights to the content provided by the user to High5Jobs or the respective terms of use, any person or entity that violates or threatens to violate such rights.

5.2. Without prejudice to item 5.1 above, High5Jobs can use all content the way it want to use or fit, and may, without limitation, delete, modify or even reject the inclusion of such content on Website. High5Jobs has no obligation to offer users any payment for the content user sends, as well as the right to edit, delete, or modify such content. High5Jobs assumes no obligation to assign to user any authorship for the content sent.

5.3. If it is determined that user retains ownership rights or content integrity, the user now declares that:

  • (a) has no right to any data related to content, or any derivative results of upgrades or updates of such content; and
  • (b) has no objections to the publication, use, modification, deletion and High5Jobs content exploration or its affiliates and possible successors.

6. Property Rights

6.1. You acknowledge and agree that content, including but not limited to text, photographs, graphics, videos or other material contained on High5Jobs as well all information disclosed to users through advertisers may be protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents or other intellectual property rights and applicable law. User acknowledge and agree that may not copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute or create derivative works from such materials or information without the respective owner's permission and/or from High5Jobs.

6.2. References to products, services, processes or other information, trade name, trademark, supplier or any other form of reference does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by High5Jobs.

7. Limited Warranty

7.1 Considering the current state of referring techniques to communications and electronic transmissions of Internet data, computer equipment operation, as well the possibility of third-party Websites change without prior notice High5Jobs, commercial conditions, including, but not limited to, availability of transportation information, schedules and fares charged, High5Jobs not warrant that:

  • (i) the informations will be available uninterrupted, secure or free from any errors or failures, and
  • (ii) not occur eventually , difference between the information provided by High5Jobs and third-party Websites.

7.2. High5Jobs doesn’t offer any warranty regarding provided informations, either expressed or implied.

7.3. High5Jobs isn’t responsible for any typographical errors or omissions related to job positions, descriptions, companies names, jobs locations or posting dates.. High5Jobs doesn’t represent or warrant that the Website or server are free of viruses, "Trojan horses" or other harmful components, being exempt from any responsibility due to damages caused by these components.

7.4. User acknowledge and agree that the use of any material and/or information obtained through the Website will be at own risk, especially regarding to searched items.

8. Limited License

8.1. High5Jobs grants you a limited license to use, copy and print portions of the Website content. Such license is subject to the terms and conditions of this terms of use, specifically with regard to the following items:

  • (i) user can only copy and print portions of the Website informative content for personal and non-commercial use;
  • (ii) user can not modify the Website and/or its derivative contents;
  • (iii) any printed display of any Website content should be tagged as follows: "Content derivative from Website owned by High5Jobs. The use and reproduction of this material is subject to the terms and conditions from High5Jobs;
  • (iv) user can’t remove or modify any copyright, trademark and other notices contained in SITE PROJECT;
  • (v) user can’t use any "data mining", “crawler”, "robots" or similar in order to gather data or content extraction methods on SITE PROJECT;
  • (vi) user can’t reproduce, create derivative works, distribute or display the Website or any contents thereof, except as expressly authorized in this term of use;
  • (vii) the user can not keep, store, reproduce information from other users, except in cases where request or share reviews;
  • (viii) user can’t create or transmit unwanted messages as spam or interfere on Websites usage by other users;
  • (ix) user can’t transmit viruses, "Trojan horses" or other destructive applications;
  • (x) user can’t force mechanisms to get users passwords, or violate encrypted pages;
  • (xi) user can’t replicate any portion of the Website;
  • (xii) user can’t perform actions that may cause any damage to Websites infrastructure.

8.2. As set forth in item 8.1 above, the use of part or all of High5Jobs content without the prior written consent of High5Jobs is prohibited and will terminate the license granted in accordance with item 8.1. Unauthorized use violates applicable law, including, without limitation, copyright, trademark and other applicable regulatory provisions. Except as expressly provided herein, the terms from this term of use can’t be interpreted as conferring any license to intellectual property rights, whether by action, omission, estoppel, implication or any other licence permission. The license granted under section 8.1 is revocable at any time, regardless of prior notification by High5Jobs.

8.3. High5Jobs grants users a limited, non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink to Websites content for noncommercial purposes, provided such link doesn’t relate High5Jobs or any of its contents in a false, misleading , defamatory or any other derogatory manner. It is strictly forbidden to associate High5Jobs to any kind of Website and/or media (printed or not) that contains some adult material, illegal or any other material that is offensive to general habits and customs.

8.4. Except as expressly referred to in item 8.1 above, the user receives no right or license by action, omission, implication, estoppel or any other form of patent, trademark, copyright or proprietary right, from High5Jobs or third-parties. Nothing contained on Website may be interpreted as grant, by action, omission, implication, estoppel or any other possible way. Such rights granted to the user may be revoked at any time.

9. General Provisions

9.1. The titles from clauses of this Terms of Use are inserted for convenience only. Such titles and expressions do not change the nature of this Agreement and shall not have any legal or contractual effect.

9.2. The user doesn’t renounce the pact and will assert claims or any claims whatsoever against High5Jobs, their respective affiliates or their respective affiliates or their respective directors, employees or agents arising out of or in any connection with Websites usage, as well as in any relation to general content available on Website, including, without limitation, any claims or complaints related to the alleged violation of property rights, Website content error, or claims that High5Jobs owns or should indemnify or defend. The user uses the Website at its own risk.

9.3. Any provision of this terms of use that is considered prohibited, invalid or unenforceable in any circumstances invalidate or affect it as a whole or the remaining provisions of these terms of use.

10. Notification

10.1. All notifications or communications between the user and the High5Jobs must be made by hand writing, through email or social profile on Facebook. High5Jobs may disclose notices or messages through Website to inform users any changes in provided content or in terms of use, as well as related to other relevant issues.

10.2. High5Jobs reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Website terms of use or any policy or guideline of the Website at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion. Unless otherwise expressly set forth in this terms of use, any changes or modifications to the performance shall be effective immediately upon posting of the revisions of this terms of use on Website, and your continued use of the Website will be an acceptance of such changes and/or modifications.

10.3. User should regularly review the terms of use, integrated policies and Website documents to understand the terms and conditions which are subject to Websites usage. If the user don’t agree to the new terms and conditions, as amended, should immediately stop using the Website.