PepsiCo information

industryConsumer Goods and Services
foundedAugust 28, 1898
headquartersPurchase, New York
sizeMore than 263.000 employees
revenueUS$ 63.056 billion

PepsiCo Jobs

PepsiCo is one of the biggest food and beverage companies in the world.It was founded in 1898, PepsiCo is an American company established in Purchase, New York.

At the begin, the business had only one product, the famous Pepsi-Cola.

But in 1965, the company merged with Frito-Lay, INC, and become PepsiCo, INC. After this merged, PepsiCo starts their portfolio expansion. Since then the company acquired many brands.

Nowadays, PepsiCo has nineteen brands in their portfolio. All of them are related to food or beverages.

Some important brands are: Pepsi, Lay's Potato Chips, Gatorade, 7 Up, Tropicana Beverages, Doritos, Lipton Teas, Quaker Foods and others.

PepsiCo Job Openings

The main PepsiCo vacancies are:

Besides that, Pepsico offers jobs in others categories.

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Pepsi Job Application

Job seekers can apply online for PepsiCo Jobs through High5Jobs or www.pepsicojobs.com

PepsiCo offers differents type of jobs as: Full-time, part-time, internship, contract, and temporary jobs

Besides this, it is available jobs to entry-level, Mid-level and senior-level career.

PepsiCo Benefits

Employees receive great benefits from PepsiCo. Beyond the good salaries, PepsiCo offers:

  • Dental Care
  • Health Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off

Pepsico Salaries

The salaries are related to job category.

Job Category Average Salary
PepsiCo Merchandiser $ 26,582 yearly
PepsiCo Truck Driver $ 17,31 hourly
PepsiCo Checker $ 33,77 hourly
PepsiCo Warehouse Worker $ 14,92 hourly
PepsiCo Forklift $ 14,77 per hour
PepsiCo Sales Representative $ 41.528 per year
PepsiCo Machine Operator $ 16,40 per hour
PepsiCo Fleet Mechanic $ 21,72 per hour
PepsiCo Account Manager $ 58,606 per hour
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