Construction information

BenefitsVary on contract
Experience LevelMid Level, Entry Level and Senior Level
Jobs TypesFull-Time, Contract, Part-time, Temporary
Salary AverageU$ 31,090 median salary per year
Number of Jobs127.088

Construction Jobs

One of the more important industry in the US, construction is responsible for many American employments.

Despite their importance, this industry has had huge negative impacts during crises seasons.

In 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) published a projection report which predicted numerous construction jobs among the fastest-growing from 2010 to 2020.

So, let's check more information about construction careers in the US.


The Main Companies with Jobs Opening

There are many construction companies with jobs opportunities around the country.

Check others construction companies with available job positions.

How To Get a Construction Job?

Job seekers who want a construction job can look for directly on Highfivejobs.com.

There you can search for all construction jobs opportunities in each state of the US.

It is available different jobs types as:


Construction Manager Salary in Texas

The salary for this job position is around U$ 70.000 - U$ 90.000 per year

Heavy Construction Equipment Operator Salary in Illinois

The salary for this job position is around U$ 4739,00 - U$ 6318,00 per month

Construction Equipment Operator Salary in Oklahoma City

The salary for this job position is around U$ 16,67 - U$25,87 per hour.

Painter Salary in Louisiana

The wage for this kind of job is around

U$2,104.00 - U$4,307.00 monthly

Construction Crew Foreman Salary in Minnesota

The salary for this job position is about $22.50 to $26.50 hourly.

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