Best Buy information

foundedAugust 1966
headquartersRichfield, Minnesota
sizeMore than 100,000 employees
revenueUS$ 39528 billion

Best Buy Jobs

Best Buy is a huge multinational consumer electronics corporation founded in 1966 in Minnesota.

At the begin, the company had another name, but in 1983 it was renamed to Best Buy. Besides the brand's name have changed, Best Buy started to focus on selling electronics products.

Nowadays, Bestbuy has several stores around the world, including in Europe and Canada.

Best Buy Job Openings

The main Best Buy vacancies are:

Besides that, Best Buy offers jobs opportunities in others categories.

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Best Buy Job Application

How to apply at Best Buy Jobs?

Job seekers can find all job available and apply online for Best Buy Jobs through High5Jobs or www.bestbuy.com

Everyone who applies for Best Buy jobs must be at least 16 years older.

Best Buy offers full-time and part-time jobs and temporary opportunities during the holidays.

Best Buy Job Benefits

All employees receive some benefits from Best Buy. These advantages are offered to improve the worker's life.

  • Store Discounts
  • Work flexible Hours
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care

Best Buy Salaries

Job Category Average Salary
Best Buy Retail Sales Associate $10.02 per hour
Best Buy Cashier $9.43 hourly
Best Buy Sales Consultant $10.34 per hour
Best Buy Sales Lead $11.66 per hour
Best Buy Customer Service $10.13 per hour
Best Buy Merchandiser $10.27 per hour
Best Buy Supervisor $35756 per year
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